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Graham Howard

Meet Graham Howard, former Corporate Manager and National Schoolboy Rugby Player. Graham joined Frontline buying a single franchise over 13 years ago and now owns multiple franchises in Queensland and nationally across Education, Health and IT.

Why Graham chose to join the Frontline family?

I was in the corporate world, in senior management and I was dissatisfied. I wanted my own business. I wanted a different challenge. I was looking for an opportunity to build my own business but I knew I didn’t want to own a cafe or a shop. I was actually working with Frontline at that time dealing with a couple of agency owners. I really loved how they operated and in particular, how they treated me. So I met with the Founder of Frontline at the time Pete and went from there, buying my first Franchise in Health recruitment.

What makes you most proud to be part of at Frontline?

I’m most proud of my team. I love growing a team and developing young people into leaders in recruitment. I’m all about relationships which is why I fit so well with Frontline’s philosophy of building long term relationships. I’m not just placing people, but building relationships with the clients and the candidates for the long term which gives me a sense of satisfaction. Seeing people continue to come back to us makes my job more rewarding than anything else that I could think of.

What gets you out of bed in the morning, excited to get to work?

It’s the fact that I own a small business but I’m part of a bigger network across several industries and across Australia and New Zealand. It’s an absolute pleasure to get up and go to work.

What is it about the Frontline system that makes it easier for you to do your job?

It supplies all the benefits that makes my job easier and my consultants as well. I can tap into tried and trusted formulas. I can also feedback suggestions on how to improve our systems. I’m never confused by what’s required or how to do things. I find the Frontline system very user-friendly for myself and my team making our jobs day to day much easier.


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