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Pia O’Neill

Meet Pia O’Neill who started working with Frontline as a Receptionist and over 14 years has grown with the company to own multiple franchises. When she’s not running one of her successful Franchisee’s businesses, you’ll find Pia tuning out by tuning in to true crime podcasts.

Why did you choose to join the Frontline family?

Freedom comes with buying a business. You have control and freedom of your own personal lifestyle. I get to control my hours.

I love that it gives me the flexibility to go home every afternoon and collect my child from day care.

I started with the Frontline Group when I was 22 years of age, as a Receptionist working 3 days a week. Since then, I’ve had one amazing career. So, from a Receptionist, I became a Consultant and then an agency owner. I bought my first business when I was 26 and now I have 3 businesses working across different sectors.

What gets you out of bed in the morning and excited to get to work?

What gets me excited to come to work at Frontline Recruitment Group is that its’ all about the team. That includes the team that I work within, I love training and developing my team. I also love working with a small group of Agency Owners that are committed to the same mission, values and vision.

In this job, we come into work to change people’s lives and there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing from someone we’ve placed in a role that we’ve completely changed their world. There’s also nothing more satisfying than hearing from a client saying, “Look you’ve found me that perfect person.” That’s a pat on the back.

We’re very committed to the growth of the business. I also do love the sense of achievement that comes with running your own business.

What is it about the Frontline system that makes it easier for you to do your job?

We have a database that is very user friendly. When I bring on Consultants, they can pick up that database within a couple of weeks. It doesn’t hinder them from being successful at their jobs.


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