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Stephen Mcguire

Meet Stephen McGuire, former Restauranteur who started out as a Junior Recruitment Consultant and is now a Business Owner, Stephen is a Franchisee for Frontline Hospitality in Sydney.

Why Stephen chose to join the Frontline family?

We had owned restaurants and I had worked in the restaurant industry, we were looking for a change, I decided I would rather recruit people to work in the industry vs work there myself.

I knew about Frontline from when I was applying for jobs from Canada, before I moved over to Australia. I’d met with the person who owned my agency and could see that it was a really good opportunity.

I was initially offered a job as a Consultant within the business. It just seemed like a really good opportunity to recruit in the hospitality field. I was promoted along the way, I became a Junior Partner then Senior Partner and now I own the Agency, it’s great!

Why are you most proud to be part of Frontline?

I’m most proud of the culture. I feel like I’m part of a really good family. There’s a really good set of values. I can see a lot of our competition out in the market don’t hold the same values and support system. It’s a really good fit for me, the organisation is aligned with my morals and my “family style” of working.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning, excited to get to work?

What drives me to get out of the bed in the morning is to go and be successful: to beat the competition, to enjoy the workforce, and to run a good solid team.

What is it about the Frontline system that makes it easier for you to do your job?

I would probably say that because of the Frontline systems, and the structure that we have, we really have a good understanding of where we stand every minute of every day, within our sales, within our teams, within our agencies.

I really value the family support structure. You always feel that you have somebody watching your back and you always feel that you have somebody who will listen to you.


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